Around Berlin -- Day Trips (2) When Berlin seems too cramped, Berliners escape into the  countryside; a countryside almost  undiscovered by outsiders. Berlin's  sleepy surroundings belies its magnificent Prussian past.   A visit to regal Potsdam should be on everyone's itinerary, as should a visit to the dark depths of the human soul at Sachsenhausen.  Just an hour from Berlin, in Wittenberg,  Martin Luther changed the world and in Dessau the Bauhaus redefined its beauty. Our surrounding destinations are within 90 minutes from Berlin on the train and are perfect for a day or half-day trip from Berlin. We love the train: it is safe, cheap, reliable, and fast.  We hope you can join us!

Around Berlin -- Day Trips


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The name "Dessau" is known to students of modern architecture because in 1925–26 the architect Walter Gropius set up his highly influential Bauhaus school of design here. Gropius hoped to replace the dark and inhumane tenement architecture of the 1800s with standardized yet spacious and bright apartments. His ideas and methods were used in building 316 villas in the city's Törten neighborhood in the 1920s.

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